Kickballin’ with the MS students

In late September, Brandi, a Master's student in Communication, challenged CRDM to a kickball match against her fellow MS colleagues. All it took was a simple "You may be smarter, but we're younger" comment, and it was ON. Much to the dismay of the young cohort, CRDM won not once, but twice. Some of our …

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Live Blogging the First CRDMSA PDW!

4:07 Introduction to the Academic Job Search with Dr. Jessica Moore, Department of Communication and Dr. Rebecca Walsh, Department of English. 4:10 After the application is in... Be sure to have materials at the ready--writing sample, sample syllabi--so that you can turn them around quickly. Insider tip: A spreadsheet with all postings, deadlines, what they …

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It’s Fall, So CRDM Students Are Off To The Pubs

Publications, of course. Check out the following list of recent publications for a cross-section of our research activities since spring. This collection represents published research efforts from CRDM students Student names are listed in bold and in full to make this list search-friendly. (And yes, I'm fully aware that we're violating a number of citation …

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