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AAA from the ACAAGS Honors CRDM

(that’s a lot of letters)

Last semester Freddi Hamilton (’06 cohort) won the Academic Achievement Award, a university-wide award given by the Association for the Concerns of African-American Graduate Students (ACAAGS).  She was recognized for her achievements in four arenas: her outstanding academic record, her excellence as a teacher, her important and innovative research, and her strong ethic of social justice and community service.

Freddi Hamilton award

Freddi accepts her award with (l-r) Drs. Melissa Johnson, Vicki Gallagher, and Steve Wiley

The following excerpt from her nomination letter gives us a better sense of Freddi’s research and work ethic:

Ms. Hamilton’s dissertation research connects her professional experience in telecommunications and new media technologies with her commitment to literacy and her concern for the empowerment of low-income older adults.  Her work examines the ways in which adults from low-income households obtain access to, and learn to use, advanced communication and information technologies.  In an era of apparently ubiquitous technology, this important and timely research addresses one of the significant remaining aspects of the digital divide.  Ms. Hamilton’s findings will help policy makers, educators, and community leaders develop more effective programs for empowering low-income older adults to participate in the network society and the information revolution.

Congrats to Freddi on her well-deserved recognition, and we apologize for the belated post.

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