CRDMers Represent at Carolinas WPA Conference

Three current CRDM students just presented at the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators 13th Annual Fall Conference earlier this week at Wildacres Retreat Center.

Kendra Andrews, second-year CRDM student, presented with CRDM alum, Teaching Assistant Professor Dana Gierdowski on how to improve responses in professional development evaluation. Their presentation is titled “‘Yay! Free Food!’: Improving Responses in the Professional Development Evaluation.”

Chen Chen, third-year student, presented “WPA-L: The Professional Lore of Rhet/Comp.”

At the same round-table discussions, Meridith Reed, also third-year student, presented “Practicing What We Know: Examining GTAs’ Disciplinary Knowledge of Writing Studies.”

CRDM students and alums have been actively involved in the Carolinas WPA organization. Currently three CRDM alums serve on the Carolinas WPA Board: Dana Gierdowski, Robin Snead, and Kevin Brock.


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J.J. Sylvia’s Presentations at International Communication Association annual conference

J.J. Sylvia, a fourth-year CRDM candidate, presented two pieces at the International Communication Association annual conference in Japan this summer. His first presentation, “Visual Representations of Big Data on the Web,” was part of the panel Selective Visuals: Politics, Metaphors, Narratives. The paper featured a quantitative study that analyzed the way big data is represented metaphorically through visuals on the web. This study is part of a larger project that aims to explore the predominant problem-space of information and big data in order to explore the potential for alternative problem-spaces.
 A second presentation, “Programming Future Conduct: How Big Data Affects Subjectivation and Self-Care” was part of a Data and Surveillance panel. This paper argued for a Foucauldian approach to big data through the theoretical framework of subjectivation. J.J. argues that through personal use of data, shaping one’s own life is a form of provocation that takes place outside of discursive practices. Such an active shaping of one’s life offers a way to move beyond discourse, which suffers from a decline of symbolic efficiency, to an opening up of a new potential for intervening in power and creating new avenues for programming one’s future conduct.
While in Japan, he also explored the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto, a famous walk used for meditation by 20th century Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro.

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Congratulations to Dr. Emily Jones!!!

CRDMer Emily Jones successfully defended her dissertation this morning. Her dissertation title was “The Positive Vibe: Cultivating and Communicating a Positive Culture in the Restaurant Industry.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Melissa Johnson, and joined by Dr. Chris Anson, Dr. Jessica Jameson, and Dr. James Kiwanuka-Tondo.

Congratulations to Dr. Jones!

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Congratulations to Dr. Chelsea Hampton!!!

CRDMer Chelsea Hampton has successfully defended her dissertation this morning, titled “Under Control:  Mediating Diabetes.”

Her committee is chaired by Dr. Jeremy Packer, and joined by Drs. Rebecca Walsh, Helen Burgess, and Steve Wiley.

Congratulations to Chelsea on a great defense and amazing work!


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Desiree Dighton’s work featured in CHASS News

CRDM student Desiree Dighton, was featured in CHASS News in an article titled: Twitter: A More Timely Way to Measure Neighborhood Trends?

The article presents Desiree’s recent project on using Twitter to map the pattern of discussion on neighborhood inequality. She just participated in a digital humanities institute at Purdue University, “Space and Place in Africana/Black Studies” where she further explored her ideas. In the next year, she’ll work on her project and present it at Hamilton College in New York in April 2017.



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Congratulations to Dr. Alex Monea!

CRDMer Alex Monea has successfully defended his dissertation today, titled “Numerical Mediation and American Governmentality.” His committee was chaired by Dr. Jeremy Packer, joined by Drs. Helen Burgess, Mark Hansen, and Mark Olsen.
In the fall he will be starting his new position as Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at George Mason University, jointly appointed to their English Department and Cultural Studies Department.

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Molly Hartzog won the CHASS Dissertation Award!

Dr. Molly Hartzog, recently graduated CRDMer, was awarded the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dissertation Award. As the first CRDM student in the IGERT GES program, her dissertation is a true example of interdisciplinary work integrating the strengths of CRDM and the Genetic Engineering and Society program. Her dissertation (defended on March 22, 2016) was titled “Inventing Mosquitoes: Digital Organisms as Rheotircal Boundary Objects in Genetic Pest Management for Dengue and Malaria Control.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Carolyn Miller, joined by Drs. William Kinsella, William Kimler, Huiling Ding, and Fred Gould.
Congratulations to Molly and her committee!


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