Congrats to Candice Edrington, ABD!!

On November 14, 2018, Candice Edrington unconditionally passed her preliminary exams and she is now a Doctoral Candidate in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program. Her dissertation committee is comprised of Melissa Johnson (chair), Victoria Gallagher, Jason Swarts, and James Kiwanuka-Tondo.   Candice's dissertation research and working title is “Organizing, Identifying, and Articulating Change: How Social …

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Meet Mr. Matt Halm, ABD!

Earlier this semester on November 15th, Matt Halm unconditionally passed his written and oral exams and is now a Doctoral Candidate (All But Dissertation). Matt's committee is comprised of David Rieder (Chair), Chris Anson, Zachary Beare, Stephen Wiley, and Chris Ingraham (now at the University of Utah). Matt's dissertation will explore "Planetary Composition" that treats …

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A Round of Applause for Joshua Jackson, ABD

On Tuesday, December 4, Joshua Jackson unconditionally passed his preliminary exams. Josh's committee is comprised of Helen Burgess as Committee Chair, Andrew Johnston, Stacey Pigg, Nick Taylor, and Anastasia Salter (University of Central Florida). Following his exams, Joshua will now move on to his dissertation, which is currently titled, Cruel Optimism and Neoliberalism in Videogame …

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Congratulations Desiree!

On February 1st, Desiree Dighton unconditionally passed her oral examinations, making her officially ABD! Her working dissertation title is “MAKING WHITE PEOPLE AFRAID AGAIN: The visual rhetoric of anti-gentrification activism.” Desiree’s committee is comprised of Helen Burgess, Paul Fyfe, Vicki Gallagher, and David Rieder (advisor). Congratulations Desiree!

Kudos for Kendra!

Earlier today, Kendra Andrews unconditionally passed her written and oral preliminary examinations, which makes her officially ABD. The focus of Kendra's exams was the intersection of critical pedagogy, technological literacy, and digital pedagogy and her working dissertation title is "Voices from the Inside: An Exploration of Teachers' Voices on Technology in the 21st Century Classroom." …

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Krystin Gollihue becomes ABD!

On Monday, January 8th, Krystin Gollihue successfully passed her written and oral exams. Krystin's committee is comprised of Helen Burgess, Stacey Pigg, Emily Winderman, Nick Taylor, all of NC State University and Jody Shipka of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The successful passing of exams marks Krystin's move toward writing her dissertation with a working …

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