NCA: The Second Year’s Perspective

It's taken me way too long to post this, but I wanted to share my NCA experience, too. First, a big shout-out to Anna and Amy, who were on the job market this year. Y'all are great and you're going to find fantastic jobs. Since I'm posting nearly a week after Anna, I've had the …

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NCA on the Job Market

I'll have to say I cringe every time I use that word "market" when referring to a job search in academia. So, I'll avoid any further use of it here. I will have to say, though, that in some ways, last weekend brought back not-so-fond memories of my days in corporate America. The entire weekend …

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NCSU @ NCA 2009

NC State brought a significant contingent to Chicago for the annual National Communication Association conference, and of the 36 presenters from NCSU, 14 were students in the CRDM program: Christopher Cummings, "The Public and Scary Science: Biotechnology to Synthetic Biology" Jacob A. Dickerson, "A Framework for the Rhetorical Examination of Digital Technologies Over Time" Jordan …

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