Congratulations to Sarah Evans, ABD!!!

Third-year CRDM student, Sarah Evans, unconditionally passed her comprehensive exams, and successfully presented her dissertation prospectus. Her committee is co-chaired by Dr. Sarah Stein and Dr. Nick Taylor, and joined by Dr. Helen Burgess, Dr. Liz Craig, and Dr. Emma Westecott (OCAD Univ, Canada). Congratulations, Sarah!


Congratulations to Jessica Elam-Handloff, ABD!!!

Third-year CRDM student, Jessica Elam-Handloff, successfully passed her preliminary exams today. Jessica's committee is chaired by Dr. Steve Wiley, joined by Drs. Chris Ingraham, Andrew Johnston, and Nick Taylor. Jessica’s dissertation will draw on concepts from Foucault, Kittler, Guattari, and Deleuze to develop a genealogy of media technologies and war gaming, from World War II …

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