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Ryan McGrady, ABD


We all expect editing rights to Ryan’s dissertation.

Congratulations to CRDMer Ryan McGrady, whose oral exams demonstrated to his committee that he deserves the letters ABD.

His committee is chaired by Jeremy Packer, with Tim Stinson, Jason Swarts, and Neal Thomas (at UNC) as members.  Ryan’s dissertation will investigate the history of encyclopedias and will explore the issues of epistemic authority and medium specificity. We look forward to following Ryan’s work and helpfully suggest he start his research here.

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It’s that time of year again: CRDMers have been filling up the Pubs

In keeping with what has become tradition on the CRDM blog, it’s time to take a moment to recognize the CRDM students who have been published all across the academic landscape in the past year.

it might be time for a new metaphor?

Pubs. Publications. Get it?

Brock, Kevin. “Establishing Ethos on Proprietary and Open Source Software Websites.” Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication. Eds. Shawn Apostel and Moe Folk. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2013. 56-76.

Davis, Matthew, Kevin Brock, and Stephen McElroy. “Expanding the Available Means of Composing: Three Sites of Inquiry.” Enculturation. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. Available online:

Brock, Kevin. “One Hundred Thousand Billion Processes: Oulipian Computation and the Composition of Digital Cybertexts.” Technoculture 2 (2012). Web. 6 Oct. 2012. Available online:

Dickerson, J. A. (2012) “Metonymy and Indexicality: People and Place in the Five Points.” Rhetoric Review, 31(4), pp. 405-421.

Gierdowski, D. (2012). “Studying learning spaces: A review of selected empirical studies.” In R. Carpenter (Ed.) Cases on Higher Education Spaces. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Gruber, D. & Dickerson, J. A. (2012) Persuasive images in popular science: Testing judgments of scientific reasoning and credibility. Public Understanding of Science, 21(8), pp. 938-948.

Kinsella, William J., Kelly, Ashley R., and Meagan Kittle Autry. “Risk, Regulation, and Rhetorical Boundaries: Claims and Challenges Surrounding a Purported Nuclear Renaissance.” Communication Monographs 80.3 (2013) doi: 10.1080/03637751.2013.788253. Available online:

Kittle Autry, Meagan, & Kelly, Ashley R. (2012). “Merging Duke Energy and Progress Energy: Online Public Discourse, Post-Fukushima Reactions, and the Absence of Environmental Communication.” Environmental Communication 6(2), 278-284. doi:10.1080 /17524032.2012.672444.

Kittle Autry, Meagan & Ashley R. Kelly. (2012). “Computers and Writing 2012 Special Issue: ArchiTEXTure.” Guest Eds. Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 14. Available online:

Miller-Cochran, S. and Gierdowski, D. (2013), “Making peace with the rising costs of writing technologies: Flexible classroom design as a sustainable solution.” Computers and Composition Special Issue: Deploying 21st Century Writing on the Economic Frontlines. 

Reeves, Joshua. “If You See Something, Say Something: Lateral Surveillance and the Uses of Responsibility.” Surveillance and Society 10.3/4 (2012): 235-48.

Swift, Jeff. Review of The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser. Technoculture 2 (2012). Web. Available online:

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Nathan Hulsey, ABD

We imagine Nathan will write his dissertation using only the letters A, B, X, and Y.

Congratulations to Nathan Hulsey, who passed his preliminary exam yesterday and is now officially ABD! His committee consists of Adriana de Souza e Silva (Chair), Nick Taylor, Rebecca Walsh, and Steve Wiley. 

After beating the exam/prospectus boss Nathan will now level up and face his dissertation, tentatively titled “For Play: Games, Seduction and Everyday Life.”

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