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Congratulations to Dr. Chris Cummings

Christopher L. Cummings, Ph.D. will be joining the faculty as a tenure-line assistant professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in January 2014.  Chris completed both of his graduate programs at NCSU, with his MS in Communication and his PhD in CRDM. With this background, he joins a highly-regarded academic and research program; the latest QS global rankings placed Nanyang Technological University as the 41st ranked university in the world and the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information is ranked 11th in the world.

Dr. Chris Cummings enjoying a visit to Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, his future academic home.

 Chris has always been interested in a global approach to his profession and has been intrigued by the opportunity to travel and live abroad. Before beginning graduate studies at NCSU, he lived in Santiago de Chile, and when Nanyang Technological University in Singapore demonstrated their interest in having Chris on their faculty, he happily accepted the offer. According to Chris, “It is truly a wonderful opportunity.”  

Chris will be teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in research methods, advanced presentational speaking, and risk communication. He will also be conducting research projects with graduate research assistants, investigating cross-cultural impacts of uncertainty and trust on protection motivation regarding emerging technologies including nanotechnology and synthetic biology. He has also been asked to serve as an advisor to the Wee Kim Wee School’s international study program and will serve as a faculty mentor to a group of outstanding undergraduate students who will be learning about and preparing communication campaigns for the tourism board of South Africa. He will have the opportunity to pursue his love of travel yet again, as he joins to group on a trip to Pretoria and Cape Town in August 2014.

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Elizabeth Johnson-Young, ABD

 Congratulations to Elizabeth Johnson-Young, who successfully passed her preliminary examination on November 12, 2013. Her committee members are Andrew Binder (chair), Melissa Johnson, Kami Kosenko, Huiling Ding, and Kelly Albada. Elizabeth’s dissertation research will examine mass media, body image, and health decisions during pregnancy.

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CRDM Students Honored

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) is an alliance of more than 11,500 humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists working together to transform the future of learning for the 21st century. The HASTAC Scholars program includes students from over 75 universities and dozens of disciplines, working together on issues at the intersection of technology, arts, humanities, and sciences. HASTAC Scholars participate in a number of professional development activities that center around rethinking pedagogy, learning, research, and academia for the digital age.

Five CRDM students have been chosen as HASTAC scholars for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Jamie Hogan
Chris Kampe 
Kate Maddalena
Keon Pettiway
Elizabeth Pitts



Jamie, Chris, Kate, and Keon were sponsored by the Department of English. Elizabeth was sponsored by Duke as a participant in their PhD Lab.

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