Melinda Leonardo, ABD

We congratulate Melinda on passing her preliminary exams and becoming a Doctoral Candidate. Melinda's committee is chaired by Dr. Jessica Jameson and consists of Dr. William Kinsella, Dr. Susan Katz, and Dr. Jason Swarts from NC State, and Kathy Sturgis as an External Consultant. Her dissertation topic is "Training rhetoric and workplace reality: A narrative approach …

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Valeska Redmond, ABD

The CRDM student blog congratulates Valeska (Wittek) Redmond on successfully passing her written and oral exams and earning the much-coveted ABD. Valeska's committee is made up of Dr. Jessica Jameson (chair),  Dr. Elizabeth Craig, Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran, and Dr. Bart Craig (psychology) from NC State, and Cathy Zimmer from UNC-CH. Her dissertation topic is the relationship among …

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