About this Blog

This blog is run by students in the Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media program at North Carolina State University. It’s our chance to interact with potential future students, other PhD programs, professional contacts, and any other people interested in keeping up to date with the activities of all CRDM cohorts.

We’ll post updates on our conferences, publications, exams, dissertations, new student visits, and other miscellaneous bits that make up a doctoral student’s progress through a rigorous and exciting program like ours.

If you have any questions or comments for any of our students, feel free to get in contact with us through the comments of this blog or via e-mail (crdmprogram at gmail dot com). You can also check out the student page of our CRDM program website, from which we’ve linked many of our own personal websites or blogs.

This blog was founded by Matt Morain (incoming class of 2008) and is now run by the Social Media Committee of the CRDM Student Association (Geoffrey Luurs, Chen Chen, incoming class of 2014; Kendra Andrews, Abigail Browning, incoming class of 2015). All students in the program have the opportunity to write posts, so look for a diverse range of perspectives to come.


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