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NCA2015: 14 CRDM Students and 19 Presentations

This year at NCA, 14 CRDM students delivered a total of 19 presentations. Following is a list of all their presentations:

Jessica Handloff: Dead Hands, Dead Eyes: Exercise Able Archer 83 and War Games of Truth

Geoff Luurs: Playing together: Immediacy behaviors in offline gaming environments.

Geoff Luurs: Captain America and the Code Red Protocol.

Dr. Lynsey Romo, Geoff Luurs (poster presentation): “Are They Real Doctors?” How College Students Communicatively Manage Uncertainty about University Health Services.

Cristiane Damasceno: Communicative Opportunities and Challenges in the Peer-to-Peer University

Victoria J. Gallagher, Keon Pettiway, Kenneth Zagacki: Constituting Publics Visually and Materially: An Inquiry into the Intersection between Public Address and Visual Culture

Victoria J. Gallagher, Keon Pettiway, Steve Wiley: The Virtual Martin Luther King Project: Enacting and Theorizing Public Address and Rhetorical Digital Humanities

Elizabeth A. Craig, Sarah Evans, Nicholas Taylor, Couples Who Slay Together, Stay Together: Examining the Relational Processes of Romantic Couples That Game

Sarah Evans: Researching the Impact of Meeples: Does Communication Got Game?

Carolyn R. Miller, Molly Hartzog: On the Origin of Evolutionary Tree Diagrams: The Role of Visualizations in Scientific Thinking about the Natural World

Justin J. Grandinetti: “Occupy” The Hunger Games: An Examination of Domination and Revolution through Actor-Network Theory

Emily Jones: What Does a Happy Country Look Like? A Content Analysis of Countries’ Official Tourism Websites

Johanne Laboy: The Instructional Capacity of Reality Television: Learning Survival Strategies from Survival Shows

Chelsea K. Hampton: Re-Engaging the Material in Critical Feminist Studies

Elizabeth A. Pitts: Ethics of Biotechnical Relations

Adele Hite: Dietary Goals and Guidelines: A Genre Framework

Daniel Synk: Post-Humanist Media Studies and Qualitative Research: Conceptual Innovations, Methodological Implications, and New Applications

Justin J. Grandinetti: Democracy, Limitations, and The Dark Knight Rises; The Dystopian Medical Gaze and a Foucauldian Analysis of Elysium

Jeonghyun Lee: Digital archiving and the human-technical network of web 2.0 memory practices: A case study of the Korean ferry Sewol memorial website

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Eli Typhina Presented at Two International Conferences in Europe

While a lot of the CRDM folks were in Vegas for NCA the weekend before Thanksgiving, Eli Typhina was over in Europe, presenting her dissertation research in Greece and Sweden.

Typhina - Greece







She presented a paper titled “Designing Eco-apps to Engage Adult Learners” at Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning in Thessaloniki, Greece on Nov 19-20. You can find the program here:

Typhina - Sweden








Then during Thanksgiving, she was over in Gävle, Sweden to present her paper “A Model for Environmental Community Action Through Mobile Apps” at Consuming the Environment on Nov 26-27. You can find the program here:

Next time you see Eli, you may want to ask her about her trip to Europe!

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Justin Grandinetti Won 2nd Place for Best Student Paper at NCA

Justin Grandinetti, a first-year CRDM student, has just won second place for Best Student Paper in the Theatre, Film, and New Multi-Media Division at NCA this year. His paper was titled: “Occupy” The Hunger Games: An Examination of Domination and Revolution through Actor-Network Theory.


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Melinda Leonardo Won Top Paper Award at NCA

As some of you are on your way back from NCA and reflecting on the conference experience. We’d like to share with you some great news about a CRMDer, Melinda Leonardo, whose dissertation work won Top Paper Award for the Training and Development Division at NCA this year.










Stay tuned for more fun from NCA!

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Call for Nominations for 2016 Graduate Research Symposium

It’s that time of the year again! The 2016 11th NCSU Graduate Research Symposium is seeking nominations. The symposium will be held from 1:00 to 5:30pm at McKimmon Center on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. All presentations will be in poster format and must follow certain guidelines:

1) Posters must be a maximum of 4′ high x 6′ wide. Pushpins will be provided.
2) Students may use posters that they have already presented at another conference, if they choose to do so.
3) The UGSA and Graduate School do not have funds available to cover poster printing costs. Both the production of the poster and associated costs are the responsibility of the presenters.
For more guidelines, please refer to
Adriana is now receiving nominations for the Eleventh Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium (see call below). Faculty are encouraged to nominate PhD students who are engaged in exceptional and interesting research to showcase their work (in poster form) at the symposium in March 2016. Students are also encouraged to self nominate.

In order to nominate, please send Adriana the name of the PhD student, the title and abstract of the research project, and a brief (2-3 sentences) statement about the quality/importance of the work.

Note the deadline for nomination is December 02, 2015.  If more than the allocated nominations are received, the CRDM committee will review them to make decisions on how to move forward.

Last year over 200 posters from more than 60 graduate programs were presented and our very own CRDMers Johanne Laboy was awarded first place and Sarah Evans was awarded third place in the Humanities category in 2015. You can ask Sarah about her experience!

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Hyperrhiz 13 is finally here!

So last month we had posted about a few student projects that were being presented at Rutger’s Digital Studies Center and were going to be published in the online journal Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures. You can read the past blog post here.

The issue is finally out, and you can check it out here.

Hyperrhiz 13, Fall 2015: Kits, Plans, Schematics is edited and currated by Helen J. Burgess and David Rieder, two of our CRDM faculty members, and features two CRDM projects that were born in Dr. Rieder’s CRD702 class:



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Adele talks about “Meat and the Politics of Nutrition”

Adele Hite was invited to speak recently at the NC Choices Carolina Meat Conference on October 13, 2015, in Winston-Salem, NC.  Adele, who is also a registered dietitian, addressed the topic of “Meat and the Politics of Nutrition,” as part of a Nutritional Benefits of Meat presentation with Dr. Pete Ballerstedt of Barenbrug USA.  Her talk was based in her ongoing critical examination of the concept of “healthy food” and the historical, social, political, and technological contexts surrounding the creation and evolution of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The Carolina Meat Conference was hosted by NC Choices, an initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS).  CEFS is a partnership of NC State University, A&T State University and the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.34.26 PM

Photo credit:  Briana Brough, NC Choices; Media sponsor:  Laser Image

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