Shaun Cashman, PhD

A nonsurgical tot. Wait. Congratulations. Now they're in order for Dr. Shaun Cashman, who successfully defended his dissertation last week for his chair, Dr. Vicki Gallagher, and committee members Drs. Adriana de Souza e Silva, Jason Swarts, and Steve Wiley. Roll, abstract, roll! The Rhetoric of Immersion in Video Game Technologies: Immersion is a crucial concept …

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Dawn Shepherd, ABD

Last week marked the 7th member of the third-year cohort to pass the preliminary exams. Under the guidance of co-chairs Dr. Carolyn Miller and Dr. Jeremy Packer, Dawn Shepherd joined the ranks of the CRDM candidates marching steadily onward toward their degrees. Dawn's other committee members, Drs. Susan Miller-Cochran and CRDM program director Steve Wiley, …

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