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Kate Maddalena, Ph.D.

The CRDM blog is excited to announce that Kate Maddalena successfully defended her dissertation, entitled “Mediating Atomistic Ontologies: LEGO, Synthetic Biology, and a Digital Episteme” on April 15th, 2014. Dr. Maddalena’s dissertation was chaired by William Kinsella and the rest of her committee was comprised of Jeremy Packer, David Rieder, and Jason Swarts.

Dr. Maddalena can be sent congratulations on Twitter, where she is @KateMadd; or, you can visit her in the CRDM office with offerings of LEGO. Congratulations, Kate!

Dr. Maddalena will join the University of North Carolina at Wilmington as an Assistant Professor of Professional Writing and Technical Communication. In doing so she joins the well-employed ranks of CRDM.

‘A pile of Lego blocks’ by Alan Chia

‘A pile of Lego blocks’ by Alan Chia

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Valeska Redmond, Ph.D.

Congratulations from the CRDM blog to Valeska Redmond, who defended her dissertation, entitled “Examining the relationships between conflict styles, upward dissent tactics, and leader-member-social-exchange” on April 14th, 2014. Dr. Redmond’s dissertation project was chaired by Jessica Jameson with a supporting and supportive committee, including Susan Miller-Cochran, Elizabeth Craig, and Cathy Zimmer (UNC, Chapel Hill).


We think that Dr. Redmond convinced these previously skeptical folks that ‘upward dissent strategies’ are something to be happy about.


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