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A Call to Rhetoric!

Quick Summary:

On Thursday, January 27th from 1:30-2:30 in Tompkins Hall 131B the NCSU chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America is holding an open kick-off event. We will provide light refreshments and we will have packets of calls for papers and for proposals for rhetoric-based conferences and special issues. The event will give folks a time to meet with other students interested in rhetoric to work through the calls, form panels, and prepare for future presentations. The event is open to any and all with interest in rhetoric.

The Event

During “A Call to Rhetoric” we will provide packets of rhetoric calls for conferences, journals, and special issues. Come and provide your ideas as you work through calls individually, together, or work on ideas for constructing panel submissions. Our goal for this activity is to help everyone in attendance prepare to submit at least one paper to an upcoming conference, and we’ll meet this goal by working together and analyzing CFPs and putting our heads together regarding panels and individual presentations.

All are welcome to attend. Interested in rhetoric but not yet an RSA member? No problem, come and learn more about membership and meet other students with shared interests. Already an RSA member? You can transfer your membership to NC State and/or find out more about our chapter’s goals for this year. Not sure if you’re interested in rhetoric but have an idea or a paper you want to submit? Come anyway to check out the calls and enjoy light refreshments and camaraderie.

To find out more about this event or to be notified of other upcoming RSA chapter meetings please contact Kati Fargo

We hope to see you there!

(Check back after the 27th for notes on the event, and possibly a picture or two.)

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A New Year, A New Administration

The first of the year ushered in a new era of leadership for the CRDMSA, the student association that guides (governs?) the decisions that shape our program. Every year we elect a new crop of officers to lead meetings and represent the interests of the students to the program faculty and university bigwigs; for the past year, we’ve been ably led by Kelly Martin (President), Dan Sutko (Vice President), Ruffin Bailey (Treasurer), and Kathy Oswald (Secretary). We’re pleased to announce our officers for 2011, all of whom were peacefully elected and with little to no serious threat of a military junta.

Taking the reins for CRDMSA this year will be Jason Kalin (President), Lauren Clark (Vice President), Kevin Brock (Treasurer), and Meagan Kittle (Secretary). See pics below for the ever-so-official program photos of the new officers being sworn into their positions. (Images are all taken via iPhone, which demonstrates our commitment to the embedded cultural contexts of mobile surveillance in a post-Fordist economy…or something. Maybe we just didn’t have a better camera on hand.)

Kelly leaves behind some very big shoes to fill as President. Fortunately, Jason wears a size 22 (probably) and is more than up to the task.


"Smiley" Dan transfers his magical VP powers to Lauren through the arcane secret handshake.


Kelly is such a versatile ex-President she can accurately portray Ruffin's posture and grip for congratulating Kevin on his new position.


Our most Philadelphian Secretary to date, Kathy (right), extends her secret powers of rapidly transcribing minutes of our meetings with sass to Meagan, who will no doubt be every bit as accurate though considerably more Canadian.


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