Kickballin’ with the MS students

In late September, Brandi, a Master’s student in Communication, challenged CRDM to a kickball match against her fellow MS colleagues. All it took was a simple “You may be smarter, but we’re younger” comment, and it was ON.

CRDM team

Most of the CRDM players, ready to throw down. (click to enlarge)

Much to the dismay of the young cohort, CRDM won not once, but twice. Some of our members even played for the other team, but we were unstoppable. Yet still those MS students put up a great fight, and there will certainly be a few rematches in the future.


The ever impressive kickball trophy. (click to enlarge)

Fortuitously, 4th year Shayne came equipped with his wonderful iPhone video camera, and 1st year Fernanda is never without her trusty DSLR. Thanks to the fact that CRDM is populated with tech geeks, we can bring to the blog some great photos and video of the kickball tournament. And of course, many thanks go to Dr. Jessica Moore for getting us a fantastic trophy.

nick kicks

A Nick kick, with silent encouragement in the background.

so serious

Matt is on the ball.

it hurts

Brandi passing off the trophy to Dan.




The famous Kevin-Dan chest bump.

(Click through to YouTube for a bigger, better viewing experience.)

Thanks to Brandi and rest of the Master’s students for a fun, challenging game. Next up, we take on the faculty! No one is safe from CRDM’s kickballin’ skills.



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2 responses to “Kickballin’ with the MS students

  1. Kevin

    What’s up with the guy who won’t stop shouting off-camera?!

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