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Keon Pettiway was featured in The Graduate School News

CRDM PhD candidate, Keon Pettiway, was featured in The Graduate School News today for his work on the recreation of MLK’s 1960 speech, which will be featured in September at Hunt Library. You can read the article here:


(photo credit: Natalie Hampton, graduate school)

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Congratulations to Dr. Rouli Manalu!!!

CRDM candidate, Rouli Manalu, successfully defended her dissertation titled, “The Politics of Infrastructure:  The Heterogeneity of Actor-Networks and the Power Mechanisms in Governing Telecommunication Infrastructure in Indonesia.” Her dissertation committee was chaired by Dr. Steve Wiley, and joined by Dr. Jeremy Packer, Dr. Jason Swarts, and Dr. Nick Taylor.

Here’s a brief description of Rouli’s work by her chair Steve Wiley:

“Rouli’s research combines actor-network theory and a Foucauldian analysis of power and governmentality to examine the history and recent developments of Indonesian telecommunication infrastructure.  She developed an innovative approach to ethnographic fieldwork that treated communication technologies as non-human actors in the network of Indonesian infrastructure development and policymaking.
Rather than focusing on technology “end users” and their communication practices, Rouli analyzes the policy discourse surrounding infrastructure development and the technical affordances of specific infrastructural elements such as telecommunication satellites, fibre-optic cable, mobile broadband spectrum, and rural telecenter technologies.  In this way, her dissertation contributes to our understanding of communication infrastructure itself as already political, before it becomes the material framework supporting the communication practices of users.”

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Eli’s research was featured in CHASS News for Earth Day Celebration

Eli Typhina, 4th year CRDM candidate, was featured in CHASS News in celebration of Earth Day on April 18. The article, titled “Eco Apps: A Guide to Going Green” talks about her dissertation research and related publications.

You can find the article at this link:

Eco Apps: A Guide to Going Green



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Congratulations to Dr. Brent Simoneaux!!!

CRDM candidate, Brent Simoneaux, successfully defended his dissertation with a moving and inspiring presentation yesterday. His dissertation is titled “Queer Literacies.” His committee is chaired by Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran and joined by Drs. Chris Anson, Steve Wiley, Nick Taylor and Will Banks.

Brent’s writing will be made public online, please look forward to reading his fascinating ethnographic study of the queer community!


One of his research participants will turn Brent’s writing into illustrations, as featured on this slide.

IMG_3721 IMG_0754 IMG_0753

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Congratulations to Dr. Karla Lyles

Karla Lyles successfully defended her dissertation yesterday titled “Telling Stories of Basic Writers:  Analysis of Narrative Conventions in the Literacy Narratives of ‘Basic Writers’ Enrolled in a Summer Pilot Program.”

Her dissertation committee is chaired by Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran, and joined by Drs. Chris Anson, Deanna Dannels, and Carolyn Miller.


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Joel Schneier’s New Publication!

“Second-year CRDM student Joel Schneier co-authored a short article for the Tar Heel Junior Historians special issue on language diversity in North Carolina. His article, which is aimed at elementary and middle school students, discusses how language and writing patterns in text-messaging illustrate systematic language patterns and every-day creativity.”

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CRDM Students Presented at CCCC

Last week in Houston, TX, four CRDM students presented at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication:

Gwendolynne Reid: “Interrogating Our Schema for Discipline as Category.”

Chen Chen: “Discipliniography of Rhet/Comp on Social Media: What Are We Doing in Our Facebook Groups?”

Krystin Gollihue: “Making Action: A Pedagogy for Craft.”

Meridith Reed: “Communities of Support: Investigating the Informal Peer-to-Peer Mentoring of GTAs.”


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