Dawn Shepherd, ABD

Last week marked the 7th member of the third-year cohort to pass the preliminary exams. Under the guidance of co-chairs Dr. Carolyn Miller and Dr. Jeremy Packer, Dawn Shepherd joined the ranks of the CRDM candidates marching steadily onward toward their degrees. Dawn’s other committee members, Drs. Susan Miller-Cochran and CRDM program director Steve Wiley, are almost certainly looking forward to reading drafts of her proposed dissertation, “Our Best Guess for You: A Theory of Matching.” Turns out she’s really interested in candidating.

What’s that? You can’t believe how a gamble like the rhetoric of online dating services like Match.com will pay off for a dissertation? As far as I’m concerned, it’s safe to Always Bet on Dawn.


Follow Dawn 140 characters at a time on Twitter, or read her 2004 co-publication with Carolyn Miller on the genre of the blog.


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