NCSU @ NCA 2009

NC State brought a significant contingent to Chicago for the annual National Communication Association conference, and of the 36 presenters from NCSU, 14 were students in the CRDM program:

  • Christopher Cummings, “The Public and Scary Science: Biotechnology to Synthetic Biology”
  • Jacob A. Dickerson, “A Framework for the Rhetorical Examination of Digital Technologies Over Time”
  • Jordan Frith, “Locative media and urban spaces: New discourses on politics, community construction, journalism, and individualization”
  • Amy L. Housley Gaffney, “Class participation and syllabus expectations: An examination of disciplinary expectations with implications for communication”
    • “Keeping your Communication Across the Curriculum Program Afloat: Funding, Assessment, and Innovation during Economic Instability”
    • “The Dissertation as Product of Stability and Change: Experiences of Graduate Education, Mentoring and Being Mentored”
  • Jason Kalin, “Synthetic or Sin-thetic Biology? Rhetoric, Religion, and Emerging Technologies” — (Nominated for Top Student Paper in The Rhetoric of Science)
  • Kelly Martin, “Monumental Argument: Arguments about Monuments and Public Art and Counter-monuments and Public Art as Argument”
    • Visual Discourse and Pedagogy – How Visual Communication Teaches and is Taught”
    • “Novel Forms of Visual Communication”
  • Kathy Oswald, “Communication in Transition: Rethinking Raymond Williams’ ‘Mobile Privatization'”
  • Shayne Pepper, “HBO and the AIDS Epidemic: Subscribing to a Neoliberal Solution”
    • “Invisible Children and the Cyberactivist Spectator”
  • Christin Phelps, “Advancing Online Community: The Internet, Artificial Intelligence, and Religion”
  • Zach Rash, “One Conflict, Two Stories: Practitioners’ and Scientists’ Incommensurable Narratives about APA’s History”
  • Dawn Shepherd, “Professional Matchmaking and the Problem of Being Single”
  • Daniel M. Sutko, “My mobile maneuver: Technology, the rhetorical maneuver, and kairotic subjectification” — (Winner, Top Student Papers in The Rhetoric of Science)
    • “Decibels of Control: Colors of Control, Disciplinarity, Control and Disaster Management
    • “Locative Media and the Democratization, Disconnection, and Destabilization of Urban Communities”
  • Anna Turnage, “Public Art, Symbolism and Social Hierarchical Order”

Additionally, two second-year students, Jason Kalin and Dan Sutko, received nominations for “Best Student Paper” in the Rhetoric of Science division. Dan won the award for his paper, “My mobile maneuver: Technology, the rhetorical maneuver, and kairotic subjectification.”

Congrats to all students for making NCA another big success this year.


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  1. Glad to see the CRDM program steaming along. We’ve left it in good hands. Congratulations to all!

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