Kevin Brock, PhD

Congratulations to CRDM's Kevin Brock, who recently (a technical hiccup makes this post far more belated than it wanted to be) successfully defended his dissertation, titled Engaging the Action-oriented Nature of Computation: Towards a Rhetorical Code Studies. His committee was made up of Dr. David Rieder (chair), Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran, Dr. Jason Swarts, and Dr. Ken …

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Our Graduate Teaching Assistants? Outstanding!

We're proud to count several CRDMers amongst the nominees for the 2011 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards. According to the North Carolina State University Graduate Student Association (or NCSUGSA for a mind-boggling initialism), The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards serves as the primary university-level forum for recognizing exceptional contributions made by Graduate Teaching Assistants to the …

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