Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Carradini

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Stephen Carradini, who successfully defended his dissertation on June 1, 2017.
 In recognition of his outstanding work on the dissertation and  his defense of the project, Stephen’s committee awarded an unconditional pass.
 Carradini’s committee was: Jason Swarts (chair), Gary Beckman, Melissa Johnson, and Carolyn Miller. Sandria Frietag served as the Graduate School’s representative. Stephen’s interdisciplinary, mixed-methods dissertation project The Professional Communication of Extra-institutional Musicians brought the indie music scene to the academy and involved artists from around the United States.
Stephen recognizes all who helped in the dissertation in his blog post “Dissertation Acknowledgements” on and you can see more information about his project in our earlier blog post: “Stephen Carradini Makes a Mark
Congratulations, Dr. Carradini!