Kendra L. Andrews presents at the International Conference on Writing Analytics and receives acceptance to the Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research


Last week, second-year CRDMer, Kendra L. Andrews,  attended the International Conference on Writing Analytics in St. Petersburg, Florida where she presented on “Mining for Transfer: Using MyReviewers to Address Evidence of Writing Transfer in Upper-Level STEM courses.” Her presentation evolved from her work with Dr. Chris Anson on a NSF-funded research project on facilitated peer review in upper-level STEM courses in conjunction with faculty at USF, Penn, Dartmouth, and MIT. Kendra’s primary focus is applying transfer theories to peer review practices in STEM-courses with Richard Straub’s work, “Responding—Really Responding—to Other Student Writers” as the framework for analysis.

With this research focus, Andrews will attend the 2017 Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research in New Hampshire. At the seminar, she will spend two weeks developing her research as she moves toward publication and working toward her dissertation.



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