Molly Hartzog won the CHASS Dissertation Award!

Dr. Molly Hartzog, recently graduated CRDMer, was awarded the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dissertation Award. As the first CRDM student in the IGERT GES program, her dissertation is a true example of interdisciplinary work integrating the strengths of CRDM and the Genetic Engineering and Society program. Her dissertation (defended on March 22, 2016) was titled “Inventing Mosquitoes: Digital Organisms as Rheotircal Boundary Objects in Genetic Pest Management for Dengue and Malaria Control.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Carolyn Miller, joined by Drs. William Kinsella, William Kimler, Huiling Ding, and Fred Gould.
Congratulations to Molly and her committee!



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