J.J. Sylvia Published a Blogpost!

J.J. Sylvia, third-year CRDM candidate, contributed a new post to the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative’s Blog Carnival on maker spaces. His post, titled, “Utilizing the Library Makerspace for Critical Invention in Intro to Science, Technology, and Society” details the way that he integrated critical making projects into his introductory level STS course, in particular emphasizing the mission of NCSU to “Think and Do.” The class used tools such as microcontrollers, 3D printing, and augmented reality to invent new technologies. J.J. also presented on this use of critical making in a lightning talk at the recent 2016 CRDM Symposium focused on critical invention.
This intro course was also gamified, and the emphasis on learning from failure that is part of gamification paired well with the critical making component of the course. You can see J.J. presenting on the mechanics of gamification as they applied to this course at the 2015 HASTAC conference.
Finally, be sure to check out a Storify that highlights both the process of creation and the final projects his students completed during the course. forcemouse

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