J.J. Sylvia IV Publishes Chapter in More Doctor Who and Philosophy

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.25.51 PMMore Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time was published on November 17th, and features the chapter “Meeting Up With Yourself,” written by CRDM student J.J. Sylvia IV and his co-author Dr. Heath Stevens. Drawing on examples from Doctor Who, J.J. and Heath explore how we might be able to learn from our own past selves through time travel and other, more common technology, such as blogs and social media.
This is the second volume featuring Doctor Who in the Popular Culture and Philosophy series. J.J. also contributed a chapter in the initial Doctor Who and Philosophy book that analyzed how The Doctor enacts a feminist ethics of care.
J.J. has long focused on making philosophic questions more accessible to general audiences, which is one of the founding missions of his blog, Philosophy Matters. In addition to this philosophic blogging, J.J. has also published chapters in several other Popular Culture and Philosophy series books, including Supervillains and Philosophy and Radiohead and Philosophy.
After writing each chapter, J.J. typically develops the content into a lesson for one of his classes as well. For example, based on his chapter about Radiohead, he created a lesson for his public speaking classes that uses music videos to explore the concepts of ethos, logos and pathos. Most recently, he used his chapter from the most recent Doctor Who book to develop an elective for the North Carolina Governor’s School East programabout the how technology
can be used to improve one’s life.

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