NCA2015: 14 CRDM Students and 19 Presentations

This year at NCA, 14 CRDM students delivered a total of 19 presentations. Following is a list of all their presentations:

Jessica Handloff: Dead Hands, Dead Eyes: Exercise Able Archer 83 and War Games of Truth

Geoff Luurs: Playing together: Immediacy behaviors in offline gaming environments.

Geoff Luurs: Captain America and the Code Red Protocol.

Dr. Lynsey Romo, Geoff Luurs (poster presentation): “Are They Real Doctors?” How College Students Communicatively Manage Uncertainty about University Health Services.

Cristiane Damasceno: Communicative Opportunities and Challenges in the Peer-to-Peer University

Victoria J. Gallagher, Keon Pettiway, Kenneth Zagacki: Constituting Publics Visually and Materially: An Inquiry into the Intersection between Public Address and Visual Culture

Victoria J. Gallagher, Keon Pettiway, Steve Wiley: The Virtual Martin Luther King Project: Enacting and Theorizing Public Address and Rhetorical Digital Humanities

Elizabeth A. Craig, Sarah Evans, Nicholas Taylor, Couples Who Slay Together, Stay Together: Examining the Relational Processes of Romantic Couples That Game

Sarah Evans: Researching the Impact of Meeples: Does Communication Got Game?

Carolyn R. Miller, Molly Hartzog: On the Origin of Evolutionary Tree Diagrams: The Role of Visualizations in Scientific Thinking about the Natural World

Justin J. Grandinetti: “Occupy” The Hunger Games: An Examination of Domination and Revolution through Actor-Network Theory

Emily Jones: What Does a Happy Country Look Like? A Content Analysis of Countries’ Official Tourism Websites

Johanne Laboy: The Instructional Capacity of Reality Television: Learning Survival Strategies from Survival Shows

Chelsea K. Hampton: Re-Engaging the Material in Critical Feminist Studies

Elizabeth A. Pitts: Ethics of Biotechnical Relations

Adele Hite: Dietary Goals and Guidelines: A Genre Framework

Daniel Synk: Post-Humanist Media Studies and Qualitative Research: Conceptual Innovations, Methodological Implications, and New Applications

Justin J. Grandinetti: Democracy, Limitations, and The Dark Knight Rises; The Dystopian Medical Gaze and a Foucauldian Analysis of Elysium

Jeonghyun Lee: Digital archiving and the human-technical network of web 2.0 memory practices: A case study of the Korean ferry Sewol memorial website


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