Eli Typhina Presented at Two International Conferences in Europe

While a lot of the CRDM folks were in Vegas for NCA the weekend before Thanksgiving, Eli Typhina was over in Europe, presenting her dissertation research in Greece and Sweden.

Typhina - Greece







She presented a paper titled “Designing Eco-apps to Engage Adult Learners” at Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning in Thessaloniki, Greece on Nov 19-20. You can find the program here: https://www.conftool.net/imcl-conference/sessions.php

Typhina - Sweden








Then during Thanksgiving, she was over in Gävle, Sweden to present her paper “A Model for Environmental Community Action Through Mobile Apps” at Consuming the Environment on Nov 26-27. You can find the program here: http://www.hig.se/Ext/En/University-of-Gavle/About-the-university/Evenemang/Konferenser/Consuming-the-Environment/Programme.html

Next time you see Eli, you may want to ask her about her trip to Europe!


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