Stephen Carradini, ABD, Presented at the Annual Convention of Association for Business Communication

In the midst of his preliminary exams, Stephen Carradini somehow managed to squeeze in a conference presentation. Just last week on October 29th, he presented the paper “No Immediate Plans: Arts Nonprofit Motivations in Choice or Rejection of Crowdfunding” at the 80th annual Association for Business Communication Conference in Seattle, Washington. His presentation, built out of quantitative research conducted in a CRDM core course, focused on results from a survey about the use of crowdfunding–an emergent digital media fundraising method–in arts nonprofits in North Carolina. Stephen found that organizations consider their specific needs when deciding to use or reject crowdfunding, but often do not factor in their potential audience’s response or their organization’s structure. Respondents representing organizations which had not conducted a crowdfunding campaign noted overwhelmingly that they were open to the idea in the future but had no current plans to do it. The full paper can be read in the forthcoming Proceedings of the 80th Annual Conference.

Stephen also received a Graduate Travel Award from ABC on Friday, October 30th.

When you see him, besides congratulating on his newly ABDedness, you may also want to ask him about this interesting research and how he managed to do it all!


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