Two Presentations at Carolinas Communication Association 2015 Annual Convention

Jessica Handloff, 2nd year CRDM student, recently presented a paper titled “Productive Capacities of Media Technologies in Mobile, Networked Resistance: The Case of Inland U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusals” at the Carolinas Communication Association (CCA) 2015 Convention in Charleston, SC. Her paper was nominated for the Mary E. Jarrard Graduate Student Paper Award and was presented as part of the panel including the three additional award finalists. Jessica’s paper explored media technologies as a productive force in resistances to dominant discursive regimes. Her research considered the range of media technologies at work in citizens’ refusals to cooperate with U.S. Border Patrol agents at inland checkpoints as components within human-machine assemblages that constantly converge and diverge to alter power relations and shape culture.

Peter Kudenov, also a 2nd year student, presented a paper, “Considerations of Navigability and Player Engagement in Fallout: New Vegas” as part of the “Navigational Strategies in Videogame Worlds: Perceptual, Ethical, and Relational” panel with Dr. David Parisi of College of Charleston and Ryan Thames of Georgia State University. The theme of the 2015 conference was ‘navigation,’ and his paper looked at the role grids (Bernhard Siegert) and vital materialism (Deleuze and Guattari) play in relationships of player engagement. Navigation is absolutely required for any type of videogame, because the medium cannot escape its need for taxis—the idea that everything has a place. Player engagement describes reciprocating relationships between games and players, the push and pull of vital materialism, and understanding how it emerges from conjunctions of grids and assemblage provides insights into why some games capture and maintain attention for so long.



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