Hyperrhiz 13 and Rutgers’ Digital Studies Center features CRDM

The Digital Studies Center and the Modlab at Rutgers will open an art exhibition featuring the work of five of our second year CRDM students’ work, which will also appear in this month’s edition of Hyperrhiz (set for release October 31). Hyperrhiz 13 will feature kits, plans, and schematics for critical making projects—a field of study that often easy to display and difficult to publish. Check out the Digital Studies Center’s advertisement for the exhibition and join the ongoing discussion on Twitter.

Jay Kirby and Eddie Lohmeyer created “The Body-Sonic,” a digital performance in which muscle activity is transferred into synthesized sound by way of electromyography sensors. This sonic-muscular potential reacts to and acts upon samples that are remixed through a MIDI controller to produce an emergent and continuously evolving soundscape. This blending of the body, technology and the environment articulates flows of affect that move from electricity to chemistry to soundwaves, and suggest new ways in which a body experiences the world in the digital age.

Jessica Handloff, Geoffrey Luurs, and Sarah Evans collaborated to create “The Ambient Sole.” Their project features an Arduino Uno microprocessor linked to custom made pressure plates underneath a non-descript floor mat. Each step on a pressure sensor calls forth a unique sound, disrupting the ambiance of the environment and inviting passersby to call into question taken-for-granted ambient environs.

Check back in the coming weeks for detailed descriptions of each of these projects and the ongoing conversations in critical making going on at NC State within the CRDM program!

The exhibit opens October 15th, 2015 between 4-6 PM at Rutgers, but will remain on display throughout the rest of the semester if you cannot make the opening.


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