Ashley R. Kelly, PhD

A screenshot of the Richter scale when Ashley sets down her 500-page dissertation tome.

A screenshot of the Richter scale in various cities across the world Ashley sets down her ~500-page dissertation tome. Or maybe it’s the Japanese earthquake that is the focus of the citizen scientists Ashley studied.

The CRDM blog is happy to congratulate Ashley on successfully passing her dissertation, titled “Hacking Science: Emerging Parascientific Genres and Public Participation in Scientific Research.” Her committee members are Carolyn Miller (chair), Nancy Penrose, and Bill Kinsella, all at NC State, and Jordynn Jack at UNC-Chapel Hill and Randy Harris at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

Dr. Kelly is the latest addition to the distinguished (and well-employed) ranks of CRDM alumni. She will join the faculty at Purdue in the Brian Lamb School of Communication as an Assistant Professor. Congratulations, Ashley!



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