Meet the 2012 CRDM Cohort!

As we have for the 2010 and 2011 cohorts, we’d like to officially welcome the 2012 cohort of CRDM students into the program. We’ll be talking a lot about these students for the next four years, so we want to give you a short introduction to each:

Emily Jones

University of North Carolina Wilmington, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies in 2009 and Master of Arts in Environmental Studies in 2010.

Interested in small town cultural studies to peace communication and dance and music as a form of communication in international cultures (basically I love everyone)

Favorite website/meme:

Elizabeth Pitts

BA and MA in English, Georgetown University

Studies how digital technologies can enhance teaching and learning, and how these technologies are changing our ideas about authority and expertise.
Favorite websites/memes:,

Eli Typhina

B.A. Art and Environmental Studies from the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University

M.A. Communication from Washington State University

Interested in using new media and creative communication methods (i.e. sculpture) to bridge the communicative gap between government agencies and communities concerning environmental issues (with a focus on water issues).

Molly Hartzog Storment
See also @HerzogStorment and

BA in English and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certification from Mississippi State University, 2009; MA in English, with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition at NC State University, 2012

My research interests are broadly concerned with the rhetoric of science, technology and the environment. While in CRDM I am working with NCSU’s IGERT in Genetic Engineering and Society to study the social effects of transgenic pests, specifically the Aedes mosquito that transmits dengue virus.
Favorite meme: LEEROY JENKINS!
This is my favorite for two reasons: 1. It died before its time. 2. Sometimes it is a necessary (albeit not ideal) approach to getting things done.

Hector Rendon
See also @ValekRendon, and (in Spanish)

BA in Journalism at the National University of Mexico; MA in Digital Media at the Hochschüle für Künste Bremen.

My interests are related to digital journalism, news aesthetics patterns and the construction of reality through news stories. In the CRDM program I am mainly working in the connection between digital journalism consumption and how this affects people’s perception of the surrounding world.

Larissa Carneiro

Previous education: Master’s in Communication (PUC – Brazil)  and Undergrad in Communication and Journalism (FUMEC – Brazil)

Interested in the intersection between Media and Religion.

Alexander Monea

See also his page.


  • MA in Literary & Textual Studies, Bowling Green State University

  • BA in English, Walsh University

Research Interests: Media Studies; Code/Software Studies; History of Technology; Continental Philosophy; Cultural Studies; (Post-)Marxism; Political Theory (Democratic Theory, Public Sphere Theory); Aesthetics (Affect, Phenomenology).

My current projects have been focused on the development of electronic punch-card computers (Hollerith & IBM machines) to collect and process data on complex systems (demographics, psychographics, actuarial tables, ecosystems, etc.).

Favorite Meme: Reverend X – The One Man Show / Spirit of Truth


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