Fernanda Duarte, ABD!

Fernanda’s dissertation already has its own logo. Just don’t tell the music group with the same name.

We congratulate Fernanda Duarte for being the most recent CRDMer to successfully earn the prestigious ABD designation. Her committee members, Adriana de Souza e Silva (Chair), Jeremy Packer, David Rieder, and Steve Wiley, were impressed by her dissertation project which is tentatively titled “FRACTAL FLESH: Politics of Mobility in Pervasive Computing.”

If her dissertation is anything like everything else she’s done in the program, it will be stellar. We can’t wait to not have to go anywhere to read it because it’s available online everywhere.*

*See what I did there? Mobility in pervasive compu …. oh never mind.




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One response to “Fernanda Duarte, ABD!

  1. Fernanda D

    Thanks for the lovely post, Jeff!

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