Come take a look, it’s on the blog (for 36 months and counting)

I can fly twice as highThe CRDM student blog is celebrating its 36th month of existence. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the blog’s best posts and series. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (To Start Your Next Year in the Program): This four-part series on how to be a CRDM student walks though each year and offers some stellar advice.

CRDM faculty Q + A: We take classes with them and work with them on scholarly projects, but now we’d like to learn more about what else they’re doing. We checked in with David RiederJessica JamesonChris AnsonMatt MayDavid Berube, Susan KatzMaria PramaggioreSusan Miller-CochranRobert SchragCarolyn R. MillerBrad MehlenbacherR. Michael YoungJason Swarts, Adriana de Souza e SilvaElizabeth CraigAndrew Binder and Victoria Gallagher.

How to get published:  CRDM professors Dr. Jason Swarts, Dr. Chris Anson, Dr. Susan Katz, and Dr. Carolyn Miller explain how to turn a seminar paper into a publication. Infographics ensue.

Dissertations and ABD announcements: Have you ever wondered what CRDM student dissertations look like? Want to know which CRDMers have passed their oral exams? We’ve got you covered. 

Where in the world are CRDM grads? We’ve mapped where each CRDM grad is currently working. Spoiler: CRDMers work all across the country (and the world).

Advice posts: the blog also features some excellent advice and inspiration, covering topics spanning from the ABCs of ABDs to innovative seminar papers, from Peruvian research projects to notes on NCSU-hosted conferences.

Publications: CRDM students are regularly publishing their research in a wide variety of scholarly venues. We periodically collect these publications and brag ’em up a little. For our past braggings, click here, here, here, and here. To be included in future braggings, you should 1) become a CRDM student, and 2) watch your inbox–we’ll send out a call for your publications later on this semester.

Image credit: Lauren Clark

Pun credit: PBS/Lavar Burton

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