Jordan Frith, PhD

Congratulations to Jordan Frith, CRDM’s newest PhD. Dr. Frith successfully defended his dissertation, “Constructing location, one check-in at a time: Examining the practices of Foursquare users” to a packed house on Friday, October 12. Jordan’s 380-page tome studied how superusers of the mobile application Foursquare appropriated the technology for a variety of purposes, including social connection, exploring new places, privacy control, and memorializing their life. His dissertation committee members were Adriana de Souza e Silva (chair), Steve Wiley, David Berube, and Jason Swarts.

Jordan is the co-author of Mobile Interfaces in Public Spaces: Locational Privacy, Control, and Urban Sociability with CRDM faculty member Adriana de Souza e Silva. He has also published in the journals of Mobilities and Communication, Culture, and Critique.

Best wishes to Dr. Frith, as he is now in his first year as Assistant Professor of Technical Communication in the Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication at the University of North Texas.


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