Jennifer Ware, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Ware has successfully defended her dissertation, thereby completing the CRDM degree in three years.

You might want to read that last part again. Three years. There have been claims that Jen has an unfair advantage, as she is often seen disappearing into phone booths only to reemerge as superwoman moments later, but apparently her committee weren’t aware of the no superhero clause in the CRDM bylaws.
Some say Jen’s dissertation started in Melissa Johnson’s Visual Content Analysis course, but it may be more accurate to say it was over a decade in the making. Jen has years of videography and professional multimedia production experience, both with television and online. She then parlayed this work into her dissertation project, a visual content analysis of the transfer of broadcast news stories into online spaces, and how those stories are received by audiences.
Jen was also an invaluable research assistant for a grant at NCSU called Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL. Jen was the lead research assistant for the grant’s principle investigator, she created and maintained the website the grant, and she coordinated and produced video interviews. She also wrote how-to guides for these tasks, so that the incoming research assistant who has to fill Jen’s gigantic shoes has a bit of a leg up.
Her committee members included Dr. Melissa Johnson, Dr. Ken Zagacki, Dr. Jason Swarts, and Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran.

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