Jason Kalin, PhD

note: this post is written by Blogger Emeritus Matt.

The black and white filter in Instagram highlights Jason's study of the "monumentality of the mundane" in our everyday photosharing practices. Also, I hate Instagram.

As was predicted on this very blog 13 short months ago, Jason Kalin has passed his dissertation defense in grand style, making him the newest CRDM PhD in the world (sorry Adam, your reign has ended). Jason’s committee was made up of Victoria Gallagher (chair), Carolyn R. Miller, Hans Kellner, and David Rieder.

Jason’s dissertation, “Reanimating Memory: The Prospects of Rhetoric in a Digital Age,” argued for repositioning the centrality of memory in the rhetorical canon. Exploring digital ambient memory and aided by a smart analysis of Microsoft Photosynth, Jason examined photographs like these (which he called hauntography), and social media’s impact on what he calls the psychosis of digital imaging.

In celebration of his hard-earned status as a PhD, Jason tricked Matt Morain into using Instagram at the bowling alley and again at the dartboard.

Dr. J Bowling

Dr. J, staying on target.

(It should be noted, and strenuously repeated, that Matt hates Instagram.)

Congrats, Dr. J!


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