Another great Cs for CRDM

We’re all back from St. Louis and recovered from a great conference week. This year’s Conference on College Composition and Communication was extra special because our very own Dr. Chris Anson was the program chair. He worked tirelessly for the last 12+ months putting together a great four days of panels, workshops, events, and more for more than 3,500 writing instructors from across the United States and around the world. Thanks for all your hard work, Dr. Anson!

As usual, CRDM students made a stellar showing at the conference, and we want to acknowledge everyone from the program who participated in this year’s Cs.

Wendi Sierra: Co-led a workshop, “Play/Write 4.0: Alternative Reality Games and Composition” and gave a presentation, “Gamers, Scholars, Guildies: Gaming as a Gateway to Scholarly Identity”
Jennifer Ware: Co-led a workshop, “Multimedia Building Blocks: Design Plans and Storyboards” and gave a presentation, “Easing the Assessment Angst: Storyboarding Activities for the Composition Classroom”
Kati Fargo Ahern: Gave a presentation, “Attending to Sound: How Do We Listen for Auditory Rhetoric in Composition?” and co-led a workshop, “Cutting/Moving/Singing/Drawing through the Hype: Writing Actions and Activities in Multimodal Composition”
Kate Maddalena: Gave a presentation, “Collaboration and Control: The Instructor Icon in a Hybrid Writing Classroom”
Jeff Swift: Gave a presentation, “Disagreement Online: Engaging Students in Productive Digital Dialogue” and a Computer Connection session, “Digital Narratives in the Classroom: Multimodal Tools for Research, Debate, and Discussion”
Meagan Kittle Autry: Gave a presentation, “‘Are you talking to me?’: Facilitating Community in a Hybrid Composition Classroom”
Lauren Clark: Gave a presentation, “Commenting, Communicating, and Collaborating: How to Foster Productive Discussion Online”
Robin Snead:
Gave a presentation, “Meaning Potential: Interface as Visual Metaphor” and co-led a workshop, “Cutting/Moving/Singing/Drawing through the Hype: Writing Actions and Activities in Multimodal Composition”
Dana Gierdowski:
Gave a presentation, “It’s not Just About the Chairs: The Power Dynamics of the Classroom Space”
Jason Kalin: Gave a presentation, “Curating Copia: Amplifying Practices of Digital Memory”
Kevin Brock: Co-led a workshop, “Cutting/Moving/Singing/Drawing through the Hype: Writing Actions and Activities in Multimodal Composition” and had an installation with Dr. David Rieder, “emBody{text}”

Congratulations to everyone for participating in such a great conference. And start working on your proposals for next year’s conference now – Las Vegas, here we come!

~ Meagan Kittle Autry



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2 responses to “Another great Cs for CRDM

  1. Kevin Brock

    Kati Fargo, Robin Snead, myself, and CRDM alumna Dawn Shepherd also facilitated a workshop: “Cutting/moving/singing/drawing through the hype: Writing actions and activities in multimodal composing.”

  2. Sorry I left that out! I’ve edited the post to include everyone’s leadership participation in the workshop.

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