Dr. Susan Katz

Over the course of the next few months the CRDM blog will periodically feature a Q + A with one of our outstanding faculty members. We take classes with them and work with them on scholarly projects, but now we’d like to learn more about what else they’re doing. We’ve talked with David RiederJessica JamesonChris AnsonMatt MayDavid BerubeMaria PramaggioreSusan Miller-CochranRobert SchragCarolyn R. MillerBrad MehlenbacherR. Michael YoungJason SwartsAdriana de Souza e SilvaElizabeth CraigAndrew Binder, and Victoria Gallagher, and we recently caught up with Dr. Susan Katz of the English Department:

What are you reading?

I confess that most of my reading falls into one of three categories: (1) Things I read for the classes I’m teaching (mostly the undergraduate and graduate internship courses), (2) Things I read for research projects and (3) Things I read for fun–novels, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, short stories, essays. In that last category, I just finished reading “The Interpretation of Murder,” historical fiction about Freud’s visit to America in 1909.

What classes are you teaching?

Every semester I teach the undergraduate internship course, ENG350 Professional Internships. This semester I am also teaching a new course, ENG522 Writing in Nonacademic Settings, which is intended for students in any of the master’s programs in English–the MA in English, the MS in Technical Communication, or the MFA in Creative Writing. The graduate course has a “practicum” component, so all of the students are gaining some type of workplace experience depending on their degree program and career goals. I had planned to teach this course every other year, but it is proving so popular that I am likely to teach it each spring.

What are you writing about?

Over the winter break I finished a rough draft of a chapter on the role of internship programs in creating and maintaining relationships between colleges and local employers for a book on that same general topic. I’m working with Professor Jessica Jameson on a project analyzing the role of narrative in the oral discourse of nonprofit board meetings. A third project that may or may not see the light of day is a book idea–a “how to” book for undergraduates on how to get their first job after college.

What are you listening to?

Oh my, this could be a long list. I like a lot of relatively new pop/rock music–Adele, Lady Gaga, both Katy and Christina Perry, Mumford and Sons, Gavin DeGraw, Ray Lamontagne, The Script, OneRepublic–as well as “old standbys”–Rod Stewart, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Simply Red, Dire Straits, The Eagles. I was VERY impressed with the sophistication of Taylor Swift’s recent album, although I’m not typically a fan of country. Her performance at the Grammy’s was remarkable. (How uncool is it to admit I watched the Grammy’s?)

What are you watching?

Again, a really long list. We are tv show and movie junkies at our house. Current favorites: Justified, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Southland, Raising Hope, Downton Abbey, Fringe, Blue Bloods, and the Graham Norton Show. I can never remember movie titles, so I can’t tell you what I’ve seen recently that I liked!



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