CRC 2012, CRDM, and You

This weekend, February 17th and 18th, marks the 2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference. CRC rotates between Clemson, NC State, and University of South Carolina (NCSU will be hosting in 2013, so mark your calendars). You can find the 2012 schedule here–NCSU and CRDM will be well represented.

  • The Rhetoric of the Future: Enthymemes and Occupy Wall Street (Jeff Swift, CRDM)
  •  #OCCUPY: Has the women’s liberation movement been occupied or is a distinct rhetorical genre rising from the ashes of social movement’s past? (William Sink, NCSU)
  • The Ethos of Crap:’s Approach to Credibility on the Web (Samara Mouvery, CRDM)
  •  Rhetorics of Scale: Style and Interface in The Climate Reality Project (Brent Simoneaux, CRDM)
  • Merging Duke Energy and Progress Energy: Examining Rhetorical Boundary Work in Nuclear Energy Discourses in the Carolinas (Meagan Kittle-Autry and Ashley R. Kelly, CRDM)

Keep your eyes out this weekend for some blogging recaps (you can check out our liveblog of the 2010 CRC here).


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