2012 Election Results are in!

As is the custom (written into the CRDM Student Association Constitution, in fact), elections for CRDM Student Association positions were held on first Tuesday after the first Monday in November–otherwise known as “election day.” Our redoubtable candidates campaigned hard, the votes have been recorded and tallied, and the results are in.

Please join us in congratulating the. . .

2012 CRDMSA President
Lauren Clark

2012 CRDMSA Vice President
Kate Maddalena

2012 CRDMSA Secretary
Elizabeth Johnson-Young

2012 CRDMSA Treasurer
Brent Simoneaux

Thank you again to all those who voted. And a special thank you to all of you who ran for office. We have no doubt that our new officers will guide and inspire us in the coming year. We look forward to a peaceful transition of power at our next meeting.


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