Fall Already? Who’s Up for the Pubs?

This has become something of a semi-regular post now, which can’t be said for most of the content that appears on this blog. It’s also the only type of post in which this image 1) appears more than once and 2) gets reused on a regular basis.

Pub(lications) Sign

Hooray for consistency!

If you’re not familiar with our previous updates last fall or this spring, we like to keep our readers updated with the publication activities of the students in our program. Every so often, I’ll find myself trying to explain my own research, or my program, or digital media, or rhetoric, or the basics of having a conversation, apparently.

Faculty get their own announcements on their department websites, so this gives us a good outlet to show the PhD-program-blog-reading public just what it is we do here. Student names are listed below in bold and in full to make this list more search-friendly (citation style guide prescriptivists be damned!). When possible, I included a link to the journal or website in which the article appears, though I realize that everyone won’t have access to the same institutional subscriptions.

Berube, D., Cummings, Christopher L., Frith, Jordan H., Binder, A., and Oldendick, R. (2011). Comparing nanoparticle risk perceptions to other known EHS risks. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13(8), 3089-3099. [link]

de Souza e Silva, A., Sutko, D.M., Salis, F.A., and de Souza e Silva, C. (2011). Mobile phone appropriation in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. New Media & Society, 13 (3): 411-426. [link]

de Souza e Silva, A., and Sutko, Daniel M. (2011). Placing location-aware media in a history of the virtual. In D.W. Park, N.W. Jankowski, & S. Jones (eds.), The Long History of New Media (pp. 299-316). New York: Peter Lang. [link]

Gruber, David. (2011). Theatrical bodies: Acting out comedy and tragedy in two anatomical displays. Visual Communication Quarterly, 18(2), 100-113. [link]

Packer, J. & Oswald, Kathy. (2010). From windscreen to widescreen: Screening technologies and mobile communication. The Communication Review, 13(4), 309-339. [link]

Sutko, Daniel M. and de Souza e Silva, A. (2011). Location-aware mobile media and urban sociability. New Media & Society, 13 (5): 807-823. [link]

As always, the above list only includes published articles and doesn’t include submitted, accepted, or forthcoming; check back for the next update sometime in late summer/early fall.



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