Let the Pandemorainium Begin! Matt Morain, ABD

Gotta Get Down to the Bus Stop

When asked about the importance of internet phenomenon, Morain said, "Im pretty sure thats what engineers had in mind when they were building the internet in the first place, right?"

After waking up this morning, going downstairs, having a bowl of cereal, catching a back seat to campus, and getting down with some fun fun fun fun Q&A, Matt Morain successfully passed his preliminary exams. Directly upon hearing the contagiously good news, Matt hopped aboard the meme bus to sing an impromptu celebratory karaoke jam with his best friends, Rick Atsley and Atoine Dodson. Destination: Dissertation.

Matt’s committee includes Carolyn Miller (chair), Adriana de Souza e Silva, Jason Swarts, and Ken Zagacki. His reading areas focused on digital rhetoric, rhetorical criticism, and network cultures and technologies. His dissertation will examine the rhetorics of internet culture, specifically the rhetorical circulation of internet phenomenon, investigating timely topics such as, the agency of virality, the development of memetic genres, and the occurrences of kairos. He will do so by asking such confounding questions as, “Why is Sad Keanu sad?” and “Where did Marketing Client Bear get his MBA?” and “Will Paula Deen ever run out of butter?”

Matt’s dissertation is tentatively titled, “Forever Alone, or What Happens When You Write a Dissertation about Internet Memes.” Oh no, wait, it’s actually, “Vitality and Virality of Internet Animalism from lolcats to Keyboard Cat: The Feline Constitutive Rhetoric of the Interwebz.” But really, it’s titled, “Rhetoric, Internet Culture, and the Serious Implications of Trivial Content.” Yes, seriously. And knowing Matt, he’s probably eager to change it to, “. . . Trivial Pursuits.”

Asked about #WINNING his exams, Matt said, “The big boss at the end was killer, but with #tigerblood in my veins and Courage Wolf by my side, I could do no wrong.” Of his dissertation Matt has pledged to never gonna give it up and never gonna let it down. Given this sort of commitment from Matt, we all gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch the meme bus . . . .

When not giving insightful interviews about internet culture or writing hilarious posts for this blog (for which we all thank him dearly), Matt is sharing the newest memes and updating his online portfolio.

Congratulations, Matt!

~Jason (with brief consultation by Kati)


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One response to “Let the Pandemorainium Begin! Matt Morain, ABD

  1. Kelly

    Best image that has ever graced the CRDM blog. superb!- oh, and congrats Matt!

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