The Sounds of C’s: Kati’s 2011 Playlist of Auditory Highlights

[Our second CCCC recap comes from 3rd-year Kati Fargo, who specializes in auditory rhetoric and sound in composition studies (hence the theme)]

  1. Discussion of annotated playlists as genres available in the classroom (W6 all-day workshop) “Sound Teaching: Bringing Music and Audio into the Composition Classroom.”
  2. Craig Saper’s unbelievable audio, sampled, performative work on “Epcot” on the panel entitled “Florida.”
  3. Steph Ceraso’s Remix composition project in the “Sound Teaching” workshop
  4. Making an audio-essay on noise using an incredibly loud barking dog sample and scream music with Geoff Sirc and Spencer Schaffner
  5. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” –while not an auditory highlight, thanks to Matt Morain, this song has been seared into my brain. Literally.
  6. Halbritter and Lindquist’s audio-visual methodology of patience
  7. Karaoke @ Metro Cafe
  8. McGraw-Hill Rock n’ Roll dance party
  9. Chris Anson’s We are 113! Ignite– bringing memory, delivery, (and humor) together in this highly oral form
  10. Dawn singing my alarm clock ring tone back to me in order to convince me that she had turned it off and I should wake up.

Of course there were also innumerable highlights that were not necessarily focused on the auditory experience. NC State students and faculty represented well across the chart. If you want to know more about DSP ask Dawn and David, Oulipian writing ask Kevin, re-photography ask Jason Kalin, and C’s the Day (the game) ask Wendi. If you want to know more about internet culture and memes do NOT ask Matt; you will never be able to stop humming “Friday.” But seriously, a huge shout out to all who presented and/or attended! 🙂


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