2, 4, 6, 8; our recruits are really great!

Last week, CRDM held its annual recruitment visit for students accepted into the program. It is a lot of work putting together the visit (which I learned first hand this year, as the student coordinator), but all the planning certainly paid off. Everything went off without a hitch — except of course for the Wednesday night thunderstorm that delayed some flights. Thanks a lot, weather.

Something that became very clear to me during recruitment is that the CRDM admissions committee is outstanding at picking people to join the program. All of the recruits were extremely intelligent, researching very current issues in digital media, and just all around great people. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we hope to see all of their faces here in Raleigh in the fall.

The visit would not have been as successful without the CRDM faculty (namely Jason Swarts and Steve Wiley) and all of the students who volunteered to help out. With the effort of all, the prospective students visited downtown (twice!) for dinner and drinks, went on tours of campus and housing options, visited the North Carolina Museum of Art, and had many opportunities to speak one-on-one with faculty and students who share their research interests.

The recruitment visit is one of the best things about CRDM as a program. Personally, it sealed my decision to accept my offer, and I know it factored into many current students’ PhD program decision as well. It is true that CRDM is a cutting edge program producing excellent scholarly work, and that Raleigh is just a fantastic city in which to live. However, as I was reminded last week, the best part about CRDM is the people. Supportive faculty, friendly colleagues, and brilliant conversations abound. And all of the prospective students who visited the program will certainly be great assets to CRDM. We hope the adoration is mutual.

CRDM recruitment visit dinner at Busy Bee

Some current and prospective students downtown at Busy Bee restaurant on Friday.

~Lauren (CRDMSA, Vice-President)


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One response to “2, 4, 6, 8; our recruits are really great!

  1. Kathy O

    True indeed and props to you Lauren for making everything run so smoothly!

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