Our Graduate Teaching Assistants? Outstanding!

We’re proud to count several CRDMers amongst the nominees for the 2011 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards. According to the North Carolina State University Graduate Student Association (or NCSUGSA for a mind-boggling initialism),

The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards serves as the primary university-level forum for recognizing exceptional contributions made by Graduate Teaching Assistants to the educational excellence of the University. This annual event is a celebration of excellence in graduate student teaching in the laboratory and classroom. The UGSA Teaching Effectiveness Committee invites the Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) to nominate a small number of TAs that exemplify outstanding teaching and mentoring and go beyond what is required of them. All departments are encouraged to participate so that their students receive the recognition they deserve.

This year’s nominees for Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards featured five CRDM students:

  • Kevin Brock (English)
  • Kati Fargo (English)
  • David Gruber (English)
  • Jason Kalin (English)
  • Dan Sutko (Communication)

Of those five, the big winner of the day was…


Kevin, looking resplendent in his beard, humbly shows off his award certificate.

Kevin Brock! Congrats, Kevin, on your well-deserved recognition.

Check out Kevin’s digital portfolio or follow him on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Our Graduate Teaching Assistants? Outstanding!

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