A Jobs Update (Careers, not Steve)

From CRDM Program Director Steve Wiley comes this update on our 4th-year job seekers:

Jon Burr has accepted an offer to teach at Elon University this semester and, if all goes as planned, he hopes to accept a permanent position and move to the Burlington area this summer.

Kelly Martin has accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology.  She’ll be teaching courses such as visual communication, digital design, mass communication, copywriting and visualization and visual communication in new media, in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Shayne Pepper recently accepted a position as assistant professor at Northeastern Illinois University. He will be joining the Department of Communication, Media, & Theater and will be teaching undergraduate courses such as Intro to Film, American Cinema 1 & 2, Television History, World Cinema, Gender and Media, Mass Media & Society, and New Media Technologies. He will also contribute to the department’s graduate program by teaching communication and media courses and advising M.A. students in the media concentration.

Christin Phelps accepted an offer from Peace College to become their Director of Online Programs. The position utilizes Christin’s talents in computer science and will also give her the opportunity to teach courses at Peace in her areas of expertise.

Dawn Shepherd will be joining the faculty in the English department at Boise State University as an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition. She will teach courses in first-year and upper-division writing, as well as graduate and undergraduate courses in rhetoric and composition theory, methods in rhetoric and composition, and digital rhetoric.

Wiley went on to remark:

The job market was very, very tight this year, and in this context I think CRDM students have done quite well so far, competing with other candidates who had degrees in hand and several years of teaching and publications.  Please join me in congratulating those students who have accepted jobs, and please join me in continuing to support and advise those who have not yet found a position.  As we (faculty) all know, one’s first year on the job market is not always definitive; it can take some time to match one’s interests and skills with the right institution and position. I have confidence that those who have not yet been placed will be discovered, in due time, as the talented and promising young scholars that they are.

I’d personally like to add that we all look forward to seeing where our alumni networks branch out. It’s only our third year of producing graduates (since Christian Casper kicked things off in December 2009), so each newly hired CRDMer is an opportunity to show the rest of us what kinds of possibilities there are, once we find ourselves in a similar position.

Congrats to all the newly hired and good luck to those on the cusp!


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