Kelly Martin, PhD

It’s been a big week for CRDM milestones: two ABD’s, recruitment week (more on that later), and today’s news that Kelly Martin became the latest freshly minted PhD student from our program.

Technically, the defense took place Tuesday, March 22, but we needed two days to process the awesome brilliance of her research and presentation.

Kelly’s dissertation, “Visual Research: Introducing a Schema for Methodologies and Contexts,” was written under the direction of her Committee Chair Vicki Gallagher and members Melissa Johnson, Carolyn Miller and Meredith Davis (from the College of Design). Check back soon for an updated post complete with her abstract and some dazzling graphics from her research.

What’s next for Kelly? She’s accepted a tenure-track job with the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Department of Communication as an Assistant Professor in the fall. She’ll be teaching visual communication, digital design, visual research methods, and how to design a sweet robot logo for their graduate student programs (probably).

We owe so much of our success as a student organization to Kelly and her tireless efforts as our CRDMSA president for the past two years, before handing the reins over to Jason Kalin at the start of this semester. She organized and ran our first meetings, advocated for our organization with the grad school, lent her design talents to logos, t-shirts, and the Carolina Rhetoric Conference, and much, much more. Thanks for everything, Kelly, or should I say, congrats Dr. Martin!

Check out Kelly’s assorted publications, classes taught, awards received, and other errata on her website, and check back soon for more info on her dissertation.


Kelly’s chair, Dr. Gallagher, added this comment about advising Kelly through her research process:

What a pleasure it has been to work with Kelly Martin, now Dr. Kelly Martin, as she has navigated the potentialities and pitfalls of a dissertation which examines and integrates four(!!!) different methodological/theoretical traditions.  This was an especially daunting task since not only the committee members, but also some of the audience members at the defense tried to get Kelly to articulate a preference for one method over the others (kind of like asking a child to choose between parents!).  Still, Kelly responded with grace and insight proving she has a future in the academy, and in the field of communication which itself is characterized by multiple methodological and theoretical traditions.  Perhaps the most unique and interesting contribution Kelly is making through her dissertation is the detailed schema she has developed to demonstrate the intersections and relationships between visual rhetoric, visual communication, visual studies, and design.  Please join me and the members of her committee in congratulating Dr. Kelly Martin on a job well done and wishing her well in her future position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology.




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  1. Lauren Clark

    Kelly has been indispensable to CRDM and I will miss her when goes (off to do great things). What an asset. Rochester is lucky. Gooooo Kelly!

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