Jordan Frith, ABD

Like the modern political campaign cycle, the candidates keep coming–Jordan Frith became the 5th CRDMer this year to pass his preliminary exams.

Jordan’s committee chair is Adriana de Souza e Silva and his vice-chair is Steve Wiley. Other committee members include Jason Swarts, David Berube, and Eric Gordon. Held on March 16th, his oral exams were perhaps the first in the history of the CRDM program to feature two simultaneous Skype video calls; de Souza e Silva is teaching at the University of Copenhagen this year and Gordon is an associate professor at Emerson College in Boston.

Jordan will now begin work on his dissertation, “How Mobile Got Smart: Exploring 21st Century Smartphone Culture.”

Jordan posing in front of the scenic landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey on a recent Spring Break trip.

Though unconfirmed by Jordan himself and completely made up on the spot right now, sample chapters* could include:

  • “Hand-Held Hindsight: Analyzing Palm’s Early Mistakes That Could’ve Been Avoided”
  • “From Floppy to Touchscreen: How 3.5 Inches Has Historically Measured Our Relationship with Data”
  • “There’s a Cap for That: AT&T’s Monthly Broadband Limits and the Bottlenecking of Knowledge Gathering”
  • “Loopt, Duped, and Grouped: Selling the Culture of Locative Mobile Social Networks”

Reached for comment about his accomplishment, Jordan had this to say:

Thank you. Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press. Getting through the mid-stage of your life with your dignity and judgment intact can be somewhat precarious, and sometimes all you need is a little bit of gentle reassurance to keep you on track. I don’t know if this qualifies as “gentle” reassurance but right now this is all that stands between me and a Harley Davidson, so I owe you a very great debt.

I’ll admit, I was a little surprised by his reaction but I can see the appeal of the Harley…what’s that? Oh. Right. I’m being told that’s from Colin FIRTH’s Academy Awards acceptance speech for Best Actor, and not Jordan FRITH. Honest mistake. Happens all the time.

Congrats, Jordan!

You can follow Jordan on Twitter (he’s one of CRDM’s most active tweeters) or read more about his research on his online portfolio. If you’re headed to 4C’s next month you can sit in on Jordan’s presentation–alongside fellow CRDMers Seth Mulliken and Kati Fargo–on “The Sound of Location: Situating Auditory Texts in a Physical Learning Environment.”


*(If he uses any of these, I expect a smarmy mention in the acknowledgments.)


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