David Gruber, ABD

Number four to become a doctoral candidate this year and number one in your hearts…Daaaaaaaaavid Gruuuuuuuuuuuberrrr! (crowd noise! spotlights! Jock Jams: Volume 3! other references to March Madness to make this a timely blog post!)

Our favorite 3rd Year Californian passed his preliminary exams this week, on March 16th. Under the direction of chair Jason Swarts, David’s committee also includes members Bill Kinsella, Carolyn Miller, and David Rieder.

David now turns his attention to his dissertation project, which Swarts says “promises to be some engaging research.” Tentatively titled, “Recursivity and the Rhetoric of Mirror Neurons: Moving Toward a Performative Neurorhetorics,” David’s dissertation will examine rhetorical, um, well….hmm.

If you’ve met David, you probably bet on him exploring an esoteric research subject for his dissertation; if you’ve talked with him for more than 10 minutes, you also would’ve bet on him explaining that topic in a delightfully brilliant and accessible way. We’re all looking forward to reading it.

Congrats, Grubes!

You can check out David’s ruminations on his blog, follow him on Twitter, or catch him presenting at 4C’s next month in Atlanta alongside fellow CRDMer Dawn Shepherd on their panel, “Mapping the Directions of Directed Self-Placement: Competing Views, Complementary Methods.”



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2 responses to “David Gruber, ABD

  1. Lauren

    Gruber is like Deleuze. When I listen to him explain his research, it’s crystal clear, but whenever someone else asks me about it, I’m all “Uh, um, like… like brains and stuff? But, like, rhetorical?”

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