Jason Kalin, ABD

Jason Kalin @ The Graduate Symposium

Last spring he was an award-winning symposium presenter. This spring he passed his exams. We can safely assume he'll cure a disease by next March, right?

Jason Kalin, our reigning CRDMSA president, joined his fellow ranks of doctoral candidates by successfully passing his preliminary exams on Tuesday, February 15th.

Jason’s research focuses on the fourth canon of rhetoric and how it intersects with digital media tools and cultural practices. Now that he’s ABD, Jason will begin the long and challenging super fun journey of working on his dissertation, which is tentatively titled, “Reanimating Memory: The Prospects of Rhetoric in a Digital Age.”  He’ll be working under the expert guidance of his committee chair Vicki Gallagher, as well as members Carolyn Miller, Hans Kellner, and David Rieder. Gallagher had this to say about Jason’s success:

On behalf of the members of his committee,  I would like to congratulate Jason Kalin on a job well done.  Jason’s reading lists for his comprehensive/qualifying examination were among the lengthiest and most comprehensive that I have seen, yet he was able to demonstrate sophisticated mastery of the material.   The external observer for the exam commented that it was one of the most rigorous oral examinations he had witnessed and that he admired the aplomb with which Jason responded to committee members’ questions.  We look forward to working with Jason as he brings his own intellectual contributions to fruition in the dissertation.

Congrats, Mr. President!

You can check out more of Jason’s research, teaching, and other interests at his online portfolio or catch his upcoming CCCC presentation in Atlanta in April. You can also look for him on the sand volleyball courts, where he drives spikes so hard they make John Henry look like, um, a person from American folklore history who is significantly weaker at driving spikes. Rats–should have thought that one through.


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