Dan Sutko, ABD

Here’s a lesson for those of you participating in our Preliminary Exams Gambling Pool, which speculates on the next 3rd-year to successfully pass: Always Bet on Dan. (Yes, I’m running out of ABD pun-based ledes.)

During the last week of finals for the fall semester, Dan Sutko became the second member of the 2008 cohort to pass his exams and move on to the dissertation phase of the CRDM program. Dr. Jeremy Packer, Dan’s chair, passed along the good news to our email listserv:

Please join me in congratulating Dan Sutko for successfully passing his comprehensive examination this past Thursday. Dan’s dissertation working title is “The production of piracy from sea to sovereign (c).” Dan’s committee is comprised of myself, Steve Wiley, Adriana de Souza e Silva, and David Rieder. We look forward to working with Dan as he moves into the final stages of his graduate career.

Dan Sutko: putting the arrrrr! in CRDM.

Seriously though, Dan has been an invaluable tool for the program as our unofficial social chair at conferences, and he’s also played a big role in fostering more cooperation between CRDM and the master’s students in Communication.

Congrats Dan!


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